The locations

From the vineyard to your palate

If you can taste the fine nuances of fruits and other notes in the wine, then these did not come about in the cellar but were already present in the grapes – and in the soil.

And these are the aromas and flavours you will find in wines from Lanius-Knab:

Oberweseler Oelsberg

The soil of the Oelsberg is marked by its intermingling of slate, loess clay and red sandstone. Combined with the micro-climate, it makes for a markedly unique wine, with a rich aroma and irrepressible character.

This makes it less mineral and more soft and opulent. Its exotic fruity and spicy notes make it almost too good – if it were not good enough already.

Engehöller Bernstein

A location whose geology is dominated by brown and gray slate, which brings out the mineral character in its taste and aroma.

The result is a wine with a light, fine structure. And it is just this reserved and elegant character which gives the wine, with its fine note which connoisseurs describe as white peach, its tone and makes it so unique and impressive.


Engehöller Goldemund

The slate soils with their veins of quartzite and high clay content bring out the fruitiness over the mineral character in this wine. This location gives the wine a special clarity, with a fresh full flavours and an abundance of typical fruit and citrus notes.