The Middle Rhine Valley

A narrow valley, a broad vision

The Middle Rhine Valley is a landscape that has become legend.

The Rhine has always been a source of inspiration for poets, painters and composers and a blank canvas onto which people projected their longings and desires. The Rhine Romantics and romantic associations did not just arise on their own, but are part and parcel of surroundings.

Appearing on the scene around 200 years ago, the Rhine Romantics tried to express the drive and desire for true beauty and freedom while counterbalancing the growing influence of the new industrialization.

The narrow Middle Rhine Valley attracted a large number of freethinkers not just because it was (and still is) such a wonderful source of inspiration. The residents here accepted the free thinkers openly and without prejudice, and left them in peace to pursue their thoughts and dreams, which came to define this era.

The Golden Rhine and its geology

Part of what makes the Rhine so legendary is its golden wines! The Middle Rhine Valley is steep and chiseled, a part of the world that has an effect on people and is reflected in its wine.

The unique geology of the Rhenish slate is dominant, giving character to its Rieslings. At the same time, the terroir, namely the soils and climate, are highly varied, often from one location to the neighboring one, giving wines their unmistakable and distinctive character. You can literally taste the vineyard in the glass of wine you drink.