Jörg Lanius

For love of wine

Jörg Lanius

Jörg Lanius

He has been in love with wine for a long time, and love is something you need to attend to:

Jörg Lanius started attending courses and presentations on winemaking while he was still going to school.

He then followedup with a classical apprenticeship as a winemaker and a university degree in the subject.

In his journeyman years, his forays to the estates of Tuscany, South Africa and New Zealand served to deepen his knowledge of wine and provide inspiration for his own creations.

A life in winemaking

A winemaker’s life is more than just vineyards and wine cellars.

Jörg Lanius sees his vineyards as a place of meditation. A place to be alone with his thoughts, in summer or winter. A place where his mind can wander, one that inspires new thoughts and sometimes brings about the most outlandish ideas.

On the other hand, the wine cellars are a place dominated by the intellect. A combination of intuition and artisanship – and the ability to be patient.

But whether in the vineyards or cellars: wine is a part of Jörg Lanius’ life, and perfection is his leitmotif.