The wines


This grape variety is the focus of our activities at the Lanius-Knab Winery. And it is a fascinating grape. It is the basis for a broad range of flavours and styles, all different, depending on how and where it is grown, as well as on the vintage and the degree of ripeness. And bottle for bottle, it is simply too delightful and seductive for words. Which is a good thing! It is better to just let the wine do the talking during a tasting and to follow your senses.

Riesling Großes Gewächs

The designation Großes Gewächs, analogous to the French Gran Cru, is used to classify outstanding locations which give the wine a pronounced character and a unique fullness. These wines, which cause connoisseurs to rave about them, owe their uncommon density not least of all to a reduced yield.

The grapes that are selected in the vineyards provide for an extraordinary concentration, which brings out the site-specific characteristics of Engehöller Bernstein und Oberweseler Oelsberg to an even greater extent.

Edelsüß Wines

Edelsüß is a classification for sweet wines which literally means “nobly sweet”, with the emphasis on noble!

And the result is truly noble, a concentration of the finest and most beguiling aromas which are not overwhelmed by the sweetness but gently borne aloft by it. A better designation for these wines would be “elixirs”.

Jörg Lanius has no competitors in this area on the Middle Rhine, partly because of his vast experience, partly because others are simply not willing to put the same degree of effort into making these wines.

Edelsüß wines take a great deal of time-consuming work, intimate knowledge of the product and meticulous care, and a lot of patience as well. This is all reflected in the price. But connoisseurs who can appreciate the effort that goes into this sort of winemaking are less concerned about the price than they are about what an absolute joy they are to drink.

Spätburgunder red wines

A good red wine needs time to age. A vineyard and a winemaker need time, too: for the vineyard it means that it needs time to develop, for the roots to grow deeper into the soil and to better balance out fluctuations in the weather. For Jörg Lanius it means time to gain even more experience in tending the vines, selecting the grapes and working in the cellar. For connoisseurs, it comes to mean that it was worth the wait for a red wine with the rich, full flavour that goes beyond anything they have come to expect from a German red.