The range of products


Riesling dry


2013 Lanius-Knab
Intense aroma of grapes, crystal clear and radiant!


2013 Rheinschiefer
Ripe apricots with youthful lightness

VDP.Erste Lage

2013 Engehöller Bernstein „S“
A harmonious union of delicate elderberry blossoms and pronounced mineral notes!

Riesling „Großes Gewächs“

VDP.Große Lage

gg2013 Engehöller Bernstein
Fine aroma of herbs set in white vineyard peaches. A fire in unfathomable depths!

gg2013 Oberweseler Oelsberg
Fine summer honey, flavorful, rich in essences, highly refined

Sekt Brut

Riesling Sekt brut
Traditional bottle fermentation, hand-riddled

Riesling feinherb


2013 Lanius-Knab
Pear and honey, full bodied and harmonious!


2012 Rheingold
Ripe, juicy melons, a wealth of fine fruit aromas


2013 Engehöller Bernstein “S”
Fresh fruits, pronounced mineral notes,
Already perfectly matured!





Unless otherwise indicated, our wines are sold in 0.75-liter bottles.

0.75 l

Spätburgunder trocken


2013 Engehöller blanc de noir
Aroma of juicy, ripe pears, fresh, light and enduring!


2013 Engehöller Rotwein
Slightly smoky, mature Pinot grapes Velvety and full-bodied

Müller-Thurgau mild


2012 Lanius-Knab Müller – Thurgau
Exotic fruits, a true delight!


Riesling fruity

VDP. Erste Lage

2013 Engehöller Bernstein“S”
Spätlese – Enchanting sweetness, playful fruitiness, elegant and full of character!

Riesling edelsüss

VDP. Große Lage

2013 Engehöller Bernstein
Auslese — Peach and honey, extraordinary density
a diamond in the rough!

2013 Engehöller Oelsberg
Auslese — Fresh spring herbs, intense flavor set in playful lightness
in a noble setting!

Oberweseler Oelsberg

2010 Beerenauslese 0,375 l

Engehöller Bernstein

2009 Eiswein 0,375 l

Engehöller Bernstein

2011 Trockenbeerenauslese 0,375 l



Strong Spirits and Non-Alcoholic

Oberweseler Riesling Trester

Vintner’s Grape Juice


Third child dies after DeKalb house fire

A DeKalb County mom has been charged with a third murder charge after the third of her children has died from injuries in a devastating fire. Friday. Two boys, ages 3 and cheap nfl jerseys china 4, died that night, DeKalb Police Capt. Steve Fore said.

On Monday, a 10 year old brother who had been cheap nfl jerseys hospitalized in critical condition also died, Fore said. The two other injured children are still in fair condition, he said.

Rockell Coleman has been charged in the deaths of her two sons in a house fire.

Coleman, 28, remained in the DeKalb County Jail on Tuesday.

She faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of felony murder.

On Monday, DeKalb police dropped cheap nfl jerseys five counts of child abandonment because the law requires the child to be under cheap nba jerseys china 1 year of age for that charge to apply, Fore said. Coleman said she was working handling out fliers for a tax preparation service when the fire occurred near Decatur. A Stone Mountain woman was sentenced to 35 years after a jury convicted her of manslaughter. Two of her children died in an apartment fire that broke out while she was on a fast food run.

Fore acknowledged such deaths once were viewed more as tragedies than crimes but no longer.

“A lot of times we are obligated to bring the charges,” Fore said. “It really depends on the totality of the circumstances.”DeKalb cuts 5 charges, keeps murder vs. mom whose kids died in fire

Bond denied to DeKalb mom in fire deaths of her 2 sons

DeKalb mother faces murder charges after fire deaths of children

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