Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

Tasting wine is one thing, but experiencing wine with all your senses is much more fascinating. 
That’s why we offer you the following chances to encounter wine in completely new and different ways.

Wine and Medieval Spectaculum

Jo, der Gaukler_feuerspeyen_01The Lanius-Knab Estate and Jo, the juggler, offer you a wine tasting that is spectacular in every sense of the word:

The Estate offers up its wines as well as indulging you with culinary delights.
You can learn about the history of winemaking in Oberwesel while you are carried off into the Middle Ages as Jo creates a medieval atmosphere with his performance,
just as it was once done on marketplaces, tournaments, parties and at court. And of course,
Jo and his requisites are authentically medieval, the ancient language and props enhance the atmosphere
and create a fascinating scene of juggling, magic tricks, animation and spectacular fire-eating.

Price? 49.00 Euro person
How to reserve? By phone or e-mail
Booking: By appointment in advance

Wine and History

0000No, this is in no way a “dry” presentation. On one hand, we offer you six wines of varying grades of quality.

And you will learn interesting facts about how wine makes its way from the grape to the bottle, receive
useful information about the history of winemaking, the Middle Rhine, Oberwesel and the Lanius-Knab Estate,
and be shown interesting things, including our historic wine cellar.

When? Every Monday at 5:00pm and every Friday at 5:00pm
Price? 15.00 Euro per person
Minimum number of participants? No minimum
How to book? By telephone or by e-mail
When to reserve? The earlier, the better, but in any case no later than 4:30pm on the day of the event.

Wine and Food

Weinproben Bilder neu 542One does not live from wine alone. Or from was that from bread alone? Regardless, it was a good transition:

If you would like to try six selected wines not just on their own but accompanying fine food,
then we would like to invite you to a wine and food tasting. The food cannot be ordered á la carte, but, even better:
in advance by telephone. This means that you can choose not just between two hearty winemaker’s appetizer plates
and a range of select menus, but we can also adapt our offering to fit your preferences or dietary restrictions.

When? Reservations by telephone
Price? Depends on the selection of foods, to be settled in advance.
How many participants? Minimum of 4.
How to reserve? By phone or e-mail

Wine and Vineyard

Weinberg BernsteinWhat does the vineyard look like? And, most of all: what does it taste like? You can find out directly on one of our vineyard walks. In each of our vineyards, Oberweseler Oelsberg, Engehöller Bernstein and Engehöller Goldemund, we sample two wines directly in the vineyards. You will be able to taste the sites and the soils. And gain an insight to the work we put into tending the vineyards from January until December.

When? Every Thursday at 3:30pm
What does it cost? 20.00 Euro per person
How to reserve? By phone or e-mail

Wine to go056WG_Lanius-Knaab_(c)PIELmedia

Of course, you can also sample and purchase wines from the Lanius-Knab Estate outside of the event calendar.
You can come by any time during our opening hours:

Monday through Saturday, also on holidays from 9am until 6pm
From April to December open Sundays from 10am until 6pm

You are welcome at any time for a visit and a wine tasting. Advance notice would be appreciated.
We can also make qou a special offer for groups upon request.

And at other times (including Sundays and holidays) by appointment, just call or mail.